Analysis of uncertainty in measurement - Why?

Knowledge of the uncertainty is a precondition for correctly assessing the results of measurement. Whether threshold values have been exceeded or whether a product meets its specifications can only be determined if the uncertainty of the measurement is taken into consideration. The evaluation of measurements has received clear rules with EN ISO 14253- 1 "Decision rules for proving conformance or non-conformance with specifications". It is required that the uncertainty of measurement is considered when stating conformity. Therefore, measurement uncertainty is a parameter that is becoming more and more important, especially for accredited testing and calibration laboratories.

QMSys GUM Enterprise - an immensely powerful tool for measurement uncertainty analysis

QMSys GUM Software products are comprehensive tools for analysis of the measurement uncertainty of physical measurements, chemical analyses and calibrations. Whether you are a scientist, metrologist, design engineer, production engineer, test engineer or anyone dealing with measurement accuracy, you need to know only the information that falls within your technical specialty. Our products are the ultimate assistant to your practice, refining it with proven professionalism and reliability. QMSys GUM Software furnishes the statistical analysis, while you furnish the technical knowledge.

The software complies with numerous international guidelines and standards. Some of the most recognized ones are:

The QMSys GUM Software supports the systematic procedure in building an uncertainty analysis, as requested in the corresponding standards and guides, and reduces significantly the analytical and computational effort.

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